“Charmville” QAL #3

20 01 2014

Raise your hand if you’ve completed all 12 Nine Patches needed for “Charmville.” Good for you! (If you’re a little behind, no problem. You can catch up easily.) “Charmville” is found in the Feb./Mar. 2014 issue of McCalls Quick Quilts.

Let’s talk about the roofs. I have three ideas for selecting roof fabric. Consider coordinating some roofs with their respective Nine Patch houses. For example, my orange house has a yellow roof, my purple house has a purple roof and my black house has a black print roof. Or, instead of matching the colors of the roofs with the Nine Patches, you could contrast blue with red, orange with green, or green with red. In addition, you could add some interest by selecting some fun prints like black with white dots, rainbow zigzag, or Americana rectangles.


I found most of my roof fabrics in my scrap container of 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ bricks. I made Flying Geese units by adding light blue background triangles.

In the published quilt, the Nine Patches finish at 3″ square, and the Flying Geese units for the roofs finish at 2″ x 4.” Therefore, you need to add narrow background strips to the sides of the Nine Patches before adding the roofs.

Comment below about your most unique roof.




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