Brown Bag Challenges

19 02 2014

This post is about the beginnings of two quilt making challenges that I am participating in. Unfortunately, I can’t show you much more than the brown bag . . . the projects are supposed to remain a secret until the reveal dates later this spring.

The first challenge was issued by Sharon, “Challenges” chairwoman for the Tarheel Quilters Guild. She invited guild members to place at least 2 fat quarters of fabric in a brown bag. We could not write our names on the bags or give a hint about what kind of wall quilt we hoped for. Here is the fabric I placed in my brown bag. (I am taking a chance that the person who has my fabric does not read my blog. If she does, I guess I have spoiled half the surprise!)

brown bag challenge

Sharon wrote a number on each bag she received at the January guild meeting. Then the participants drew a numbered slip of paper from a jar. I drew #13, so I brought bag 13 home.

Bag #13

I was perplexed about how to use the fabric . . . until I decided to add some of my own fabrics to the mix. We must make a wall quilt at least 22″ square and bring it to the May guild meeting. I will give the quilt I make to the person who placed her fabric in bag #13.

The second brown bag challenge I am participating in is a round robin with four other ladies in the Quilting Circle that meets monthly in my home. Ten ladies were interested in sewing round robins this spring, so we divided into two groups. We wrote some simple guidelines like 1) add a simple or plain border, 2) add a border that incorporates triangles, 3) add a border that incorporates squares. We placed extra coordinating fabric in the bags along with a small journal. Here is my 12″ block, “Heather’s Star.”

round robin star

Each month we’ll trade bags so that each person in the group has the opportunity to add a border around everyone else’s quilt. The brown bags will come full circle in this challenge in May or June.

Leave a comment below if your guild or group has issued a brown bag challenge this year. What are the “rules” of the challenge?




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