February Fabric Resolution Finished

In 2014 I am challenging myself to use up a stashed piece of fabric each month. Typically, this is fabric that has been in my stash for a loooooong time. It is well-ripened and needs to be stitched into a project. You can read about my pick for February here.

Crosses fabric

On my honor, I did complete “Four-ty Niners” in the month of February. I’m just tardy in posting about it due to attending the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and visiting friends and relatives (i.e. not much time was spent on the computer in late February or early March).


“Four-ty Niners” designed by Stacy of Quiltiferous

I intended to make a 25 block quilt, but I had enough cross background fabric to make 35 blocks. The quilt is a generous lap size.


When assembling the quilt, I tried a new-to-me technique called “webbing” or “iron elbow.” You can read Bonnie Hunter’s explanation of the process here. Can you see that all the rows of “Four-ty Niners” are assembled, and sewing machine threads connect the rows?


The ends of the rows look floppy, but the webbing technique helped me keep the blocks and rows in order. The next step is to pin and sew the rows together.

I agonized a bit about what color border fabric would best enhance the patchwork. Blue, my favorite, is always a go-to color. I auditioned several blue fabrics by laying yardage beside the center of the quilt. But blue was too strong, calling attention to itself rather than moving the viewer’s eye toward the interior patchwork.

fourty niners border

The green print with some spiraling movement, designed by Denyse Schmidt, was perfect!

I scored bonus Fabric Resolution points this month for using a plaid inherited from my mother’s stash as the backing for “Four-ty Niners!” The fiber content is mostly polyester, but it feels soft and supple. The plaid wasn’t quite wide enough, so I inserted a row of scrappy “Ups and Downs” blocks.


It feels great to make something useful from scraps and yardage of two fabrics from my stash. Now to dig deep for March’s Resolution!

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