“Charmville” QAL #10

10 03 2014

The end of February found me at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Va. Besides viewing the astounding quilts, I met up with several groups of quilting friends. Some of us quilted together in Stuttgart, Germany with the Black Forest Quilt Guild. Others of us quilted together in Hanau, Germany about 10 years ago. Still others of us quilted together in Springfield, Virginia. Quilting friends are the best!


At the quilt show, I photographed several quilts of houses. I’ll show them to you in hopes that they motivate you to finish your “Charmville” quilt. Remember the deadline for sending me a digital picture is today, 10 March 2014.

Pictured first is “Under the Big Top” by Maria Shell.  Maria used bold colors to celebrate her mother-in-law’s family’s circus (operational during the turn of the last century)–the “commotion, noise, spectacle and illusion.” Do you see 3 tents or do you see 3 chairs? That’s the illusion!


Next is “Penny Lane 2,” inspired by a Beatles song title. The quilter is Lynn Hollway who adapted some of the blocks from “Block Magic” by Nancy Johnson-Sebro. Isn’t it darling? (Sorry about its misshapen appearance; the rectangular quilt was pinned to a gathered drape.)


As always, the quilts at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival were inspiring! I enjoyed meeting quilting friends again. And it was fun to find a couple of charming house quilts to share with you.




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