For Hazel Poppy

28 03 2014

One of the young women in my Bible study group recently had a baby girl whom she named Hazel Poppy. Of course, I wanted to make her a quilt. And on my shopping trip to the Calico House in Lincoln, Nebraska, I found the perfect fabric . . . fat quarters with poppy blooms, a red print, and some coordinating greens (hazel).DSCN6047

After deciding that the fast and fun “Disappearing Nine Patch” would showcase the poppy fabric to full advantage, I calculated how to cut the most large-ish squares from fat quarters. It would be nice if you could always count on cutting nine 6″ squares from each 18″ x 21″ piece of fabric, but you can’t. So I settled on 5 1/4″ squares. Each fat quarter yielded twelve 5 1/4″ squares. I used 2 poppy print, 2 green print, and 1 red print fat quarters, cutting 12 squares each from the poppy prints and the green prints and 6 squares from the red print (54 squares in all).


I pieced six “Nine Patch” blocks with red in the center, poppy print in the four corners and green in the middle of all four sides. After sewing and pressing, I measured the center red square’s finished size – 4 3/4.” Divide 4 3/4″ in half and you get 2 3/8.” Placing the 2 3/8″ line of the ruler on the seam lines between the red and green prints, I cut the Nine Patches in quarters.


I placed the 24 “Uneven Four Patches” in a 4 x 6 grid, twisting and turning them to achieve the arrangement you see below.


 I fully intended to add a narrow orange border and a wide green print border to finish the quilt, but I found the perfect border fabric in my stash. It contains red, orange, and pink, all colors in the poppy print. Thinking the quilt needed a narrow separating border, I auditioned orange, green, and black. Black seemed best (even though I don’t normally think of using black in baby quilts).

Hazel Poppy border

Now that the quilt is finished, I am more comfortable with the black inner border; it works well to focus the viewer’s eye on all the other fabrics in the quilt. For the quilting design, I meandered with spring green thread, adding loops and double loops. I made binding from the red border print. The quilt measures 37″ x 50.”

Welcome, Hazel Poppy!





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