Fabric Resolutions, May

Each month this year I am digging into my stash for a fabric that I’ve had for awhile, determining to use it within the month. One rainy spring day my daughter, Trinity, and I were in my sewing studio. She found the “perfect” selection for May in the very bottom of my container of mostly black fabrics.


About six years ago, I picked up this yard of black print fabric from the “free table” at a guild meeting in Northern Virginia. I think my friend, Lynne, donated it “for the greater good of the group.” But I’ve never found the perfect use for it. Hmmmm, what can I make with this fabric? What fabrics do I have that would complement it?

Back story:  I recently ordered some flip-flop fabric as backing for a commissioned quilt (more about that in another blog post). While on the equilter.com site, I looked at the sale fabric and selected a bundle of bolt ends for “boys.” I figured for $16 I would receive a fresh infusion of prints for charity quilts for boys.


What fun to examine the contents of the bundle! I already used the panel of roads and houses to make a playmat for my 18 month old grandson who loves to roll his cars and trucks on the floor. The robot and space fabric will be another fun project! Basketballs and wrecker trucks, oh yeah! And, look, there’s that Cat in the Hat! Aha! The teal and red colors in the Cat in the Hat fabric are similar to the hues of the black print I resolve to use this month. Trinity gleefully found the varied palette of colors and textures in my stash needed to make a colorful baby quilt!


The quilt design I wanted to try is found in McCall’s Quilting magazine, May/June 2013. Maybe you have a copy of the magazine. If so, look at “Sketchbook” on page 22, designed by Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth (for Tailormade by Design). Click here to see a picture of the quilt.


Although our primary aim was using the black print, Trinity and I decided Cat in the Hat should be the feature fabric. It’s much more kid friendly. You can see how I cut the 17″ width of fabric in the following picture.

cat in the hat

I used the large triangle at the top of the quilt and sewed strips of varying widths and colors to the short sides of the triangle.


By placing the 2 matching strips right sides together and cutting a 45 degree angle at the end of both, I achieved the proper cut for both strips.


I off-set the strips by 1/4″ to keep the side edges of the quilt straight.


The two remaining small triangles of Cat in the Hat fabric finish the bottom corners of the quilt nicely.


Trim the bottom of the quilt even with the sides of the triangles. Note to self: Stay-stitch along the bias edges of the quilt to stablize them prior to quilting.


I used several strips of the black print in the front of the quilt and used the large remaining piece on the back. A simple meander in variegated thread holds the layers together. Solid black binding finishes it off.


Thanks, Cat in the Hat, you once again came to the rescue, giving us fun in the house on a rainy day!


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