Farewell Gifts


It’s the time of year when about one-third of my friends move to different military installations. Although it’s sad to say good-bye, I try to lessen the grief by writing notes of thanks and encouragement, to assure them of my prayers during the stressful time of moving, to give some positive comments about the new duty station, and to give a tangible gift of remembrance . . . like a small quilt.

If you look on the Patterns page of this blog, you will find a link to “Steppin’ Up,” a simple baby quilt quickly pieced from 3 1/2″ strips. For this down-sized patriotic wall quilt, I cut 10 strips only 2″ wide and followed the “Steppin’ Up” instructions. However, instead of making a square quilt, I added two more rows. The quilt seemed complete without borders, so I quilted it diagonally through the squares with white thread and bound it in solid navy fabric. The quilt measures 15″ x 18.”


I decided to use the leftover strip-pieced squares to make a second farewell gift. Sixteen of the squares form the center of the Saw Tooth Star, and I raided my container of 2″ scrap squares for the extras I needed to complete the border of squares. Using ecru thread, I quilted diagonal lines through the squares, making an “X” in each. I meadanered in the muslin background. The quilt measures 15″ square.


To make a larger quilt, I cut ten strips 2 1/4″ x 40.” Again, I followed the “Steppin’ Up” instructions for cross-cutting and un-sewing the strip set. I had enough strip-pieced squares to add four rows to elongate the wall quilt. I cut 3″ borders of a mottled navy fabric. After a simplified cross-hatch quilting design in tan thread, I bound the quilt with a tan and navy stripe fabric. The quilt measures 23″ x 30.”


God-speed Jennifer, Peggy, and Nancy: “When this quilt you see, remember me!”


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