More “Pinwheel Play”

23 05 2014

Today I’d like to Show ‘n’ Tell about three “Pinwheel Play” quilts. “Pinwheel Play” is my Layer, Cut, Swap, and Sew pattern made from fat quarters. I offer it as a workshop to quilt groups/guilds.

Here is Deb’s quilt, a gift for her aunt . . . who is of Irish descent. Deb attended the workshop for the Braided River Quilt Guild in Papillon, Nebraska at the end of March. You can see more pictures of the workshop quilts in progress here.

Deb's Pinwheel Play

Here’s a close-up of Deb’s feather-y quilting.

Deb's Pinwheel Play quilting close up

Next we have Barbara’s quilt in greens, tans, and rust. The orange flange, or folded insert, between the borders adds a wonderful pop of color!


I was really tempted to quilt leaves on Barbara’s quilt since it says “fall” to me. But I had recently quilted for Barbara a large, truly fall quilt with buttonhole-stitched leaves using pantograph of various leaves, so I opted instead for some freehand designs. Barbara is an octogenarian member of the Tarheel Quilters Guild.


And now for the creative finale by Annemarie, one of the leaders of the Log Cabin Ladies in Esslingen, Germany. Anne did not swap the fabrics as directed by my instructions; she swapped in a different way. But you can still discern the pinwheels, can’t you?

Annemarie's crazy mixed up pinwheel

Awesome quilts, ladies. Thanks for sharing pictures of “Pinwheel Play” with my blog followers.




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