Quilting Circle Round Robin Quilts Revealed

25 05 2014

Thursday was a special day for our Quilting Circle; it was the day of revealing the Round Robin quilts we have been working on for the past four months. We had two groups of five quilters each. I snapped pictures of most of the completed quilt tops. Many are light-struck, but I think you can catch the emotional excitement in the room. You can read about the beginning of the challenge here.

I was so excited to see my quilt top made from Windham fabrics! I was amazed at the border of Four Patches on point.


Jenn was in my group. She wanted an owl themed quilt for her son’s room.


Aunna’s daughter, Abi, selected the brown puppy dog print for the quilt that will hang in her room.


I’m holding Kristen’s quilt because she wasn’t able to attend the Circle meeting. (And Marciava was also absent).


For the second round robin group, I’ll first show Karlyn’s patriotic quilt.


Jaclyn’s quilt was also patriotic in theme. She plans to applique her initial in the center white square.


Heather was simply amazed at the way her lowly star block grew into a potted flower!


Anna was “flabergasted” at the metamorphosis of her birch trees.


Amy’s quilt in pastels was lovely beyond her imagination.


The Round Robin project challenged us to be very creative and to aspire towards our best work. We definitely made memories this spring while working on each others’ quilts.






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