Choosing fabrics for the “Slant Six” Mystery QAL

26 05 2014

Daughter Trinity visited this past weekend, and after persuading her to join the fun of joining this summer’s mystery quilt-a-long, we went shopping in my stash for the required fabrics.

Her selection started with the print of vintage cameras. We purchased it at Hobby Lobby last summer with the idea of making a tote bag for Trinity, a talented photographer. The bag hasn’t “happened,” so she is repurposing the fabric for the background (Fabric 5) of the “Slant Six” mystery. I know I suggested a plain, light background fabric, but I believe the rather large print will work well.


Fabric 1 is black, Fabric 2 is gray, Fabric 3 for the accent is red grunge, and Fabric 4 is the red polka dot print. After the patchwork is complete, Trinity will decide on a border fabric.

For my “Slant Six” mystery quilt, I want to use some leftover flip flop fabric to make a bright beach-themed quilt. I believe there is just enough for the print (Fabric 4). and for a border.


White will be my background (Fabric 5), the orange print is Fabric 1, the stripe is Fabric 2, the mottled blue is my Fabric 3 accent.

I will post Clue #1 (the cutting instructions) on June 1 under the Mystery Quilt tab on this blog. You have about a week to gather the fabrics you need for the lap quilt. At this point, on the Mystery Quilt page you will find a link to the document containing the fabric requirements. You will also find a link to a very helpful document depicting many successful fabric combinations which my friend, Karlene, put together.

Several QAL participants have asked if scraps may be used instead of yardage. The answer is . . . yes, but it will be easier if you use yardage because the instructions are given for strip-piecing. If you really want to use scraps, I suggest waiting to cut pieces for Clues 2 and 3 as they are posted.

Here is an example of a way to use scraps instead of yardage to make a blue-themed quilt:  For Fabric 1, choose several medium blue tone-on-tones or small prints that are the same value. Fabric 2 is a lighter shade of blue. For Fabric 3, the accent, you could use a very dark blue. Fabric 4 is the print; you could use several prints of medium scale. For Fabric 5, the background, you could use several different fabrics as long as they are roughly the same light value.

I can’t wait to see your fabric combinations for the “Slant Six” mystery QAL! Email me a picture of your fabric selection, and I will post it on a subsequent blog.




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