Thank you, DeBorah

DeBorah has been our awesome PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) President at Ft. Bragg this past year. The PWOC board members asked me to make a quilt as a thank-you gift for her. The theme colors this year were aqua and a red chevron. I was certain I could find fabrics in these colors at Loving Stitches, my local quilt shop. Oh, yes!

Deborah's quilt fabric

I wanted a simple patchwork design that would showcase the bold, modern fabrics. And I needed some white patches for the board members to sign their thanks and best wishes. “Trip Around the World” fit the bill. Following instructions written by my friend Stacy ( sped the project along.

DeBorah's sewing

The squares finish at 4,” and there were plenty of white areas for the 20-plus board members to sign. The red and white chevron print made a great border. For the backing, I ordered some bright flip flop fabric from since the flip flop motif accompanied our “Walk Forward in Love” theme for the year.


At first sight, DeBorah loved the gift, and I know she’ll appreciate the written messages of the board members even more.



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