Dino-mite Baby Quilt

My daughter-in-law’s sister recently had a baby boy which provided a great reason for me to make a baby quilt. The baby’s father is a paleontology professor (studies and teaches about dinosaurs and other life-forms in different geologic periods). Imagine my elation at finding cute dinosaur fabric at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival! (Michael Miller Fabrics LLC, PATT # CX6337 DINO-MITES.)

After deliberating on the style of quilt to make, I learned that the baby’s mom decorated the nursery in a traditional rather than in a modern manner, so I decided to make 12″ Saw Tooth Star blocks. The dino print makes a graphic center for each block; I made 3 each of the various fabrics used for star points.

After laying the blocks side by side on my design floor, I determined that gray sashing would separate the blocks nicely.

I cut a strip 12 1/2″ x WOF (width of fabric) and sub-cut in 2 1/2″ increments. I needed 12 sashing strips and 4 cornerstones.

With a 2″ gray inner border and a 5″ outer border of the dino fabric, the 54″ square quilt top was complete! Unfortunately, the 2 yards of Dino-mite fabric that I purchased was not enough for Star centers, borders and backing. So I made a trip to Loving Stitches and found a coordinating polka dot in pale mint green to sew on either side of the dinosaur/star panel made from leftovers.

I quilted with pale gray thread in a loop and double loop all over design–a playful favorite for baby quilts.

Enough gray fabric remained for a binding. I am really pleased with the Dino-mite quilt for baby Dean, and it’s large enough for him to enjoy as he grows into toddler-hood.



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