“Movers and Shakers” Quilt in Progress

29 05 2014

My stack of quilts for baby boys has dwindled. To remedy the situation, I began making a Churndash quilt on yesterday afternoon. My “inspiration fabric” was the print of earth moving equipment. From my stash I selected tone-on-tones and small prints to coordinate.

Fabrics for Movers and Shakers

I planned to make four 15″ blocks, one each of red, orange, blue and green. I wanted to use the theme print in the center of the blocks and in an outer border. The size of the dumptrucks, steamrollers and wrecker trucks dictated 15″ blocks. First, I fussy cut four vehicles for the centers of the blocks. After cutting the triangles of colored fabric paired with white background fabric (right sides together), I placed them on my 8 1/2″ x 24″ ruler. The ruler served as a tray to transport the triangles from my cutting table to the sewing machine table.

Tray for Triangles

I fully intended to sew the Churndash blocks together in a traditional manner as the picture below shows.


But while standing at the ironing board pressing the half square triangles, I got a modern inspiration. What if each of the four blocks contained each of the four colored fabrics? How would that look?


What do you think? Should I make a traditional or a modern “Movers and Shakers” quilt?





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