“Just Takes 2” Quilt in Progress

9 06 2014

Several years ago, while living in Stuttgart, I began a Quilt-A-Long project sponsored by the Dear Jane website and the Sentimental Stitches website. The quilters who designed the blocks for the QAL were inspired by a special exhitibion of red and white quilts. While they loved all the quilts on display, they realized they would never have time to make one of each. So they designed a quilt of many different patchwork and applique blocks of various sizes all made in just two fabrics: red and white. Click here to see a section of Gay’s red and white quilt at Sentimental Stitches.

My friend, Tashera, and I decided to participate in the QAL. However, instead of using red and white fabric, I determined to use my collection of various Civil War blues with a tan tone-on-tone.

just takes 2, box of fabric

I was keeping up with making the blocks posted weekly until “Feathered Star” was proposed. Not interested in making 1″ half square triangles for the feathers around two sides of each diamond, I went off on a tangent and made blocks from various books and block-a-day calendars. And then, my attention was diverted by other patchwork projects. And then, I moved. So the box of fabric and blocks was packed away until recently.

Dusting off the box, I pulled out the blocks and placed them on my design wall. Oh dear, I needed a lot more to make a quilt of useable size! All the blocks measure 3,” 6,” 9,” or 12.” As I made more blocks, I added them to the design wall.

Just Takes 2 design wall

Storing this picture in my cell phone’s gallery proved to be a valuable resource. As I constructed each panel of the quilt, I could refer to the picture for placement accuracy. The picture below shows the seven major panels of the quilt. I inserted skinny red strips for your viewing ease.

Just takes 2, panels

When we view quilts, we expect to see horizontal rows. So by organizing this quilt in vertical rows, I have fooled your eyes into thinking the quilt is a tangled hodge-podge. But as you can see, the panels were not too difficult to construct given the compatible sizes of the blocks. The trickiest panel to deal with was the bottom left.

Just takes 2, red arrow

I solved my construction difficulty with a partial seam on the 3″ Four Patch where the red arrow is pointing.

Just takes 2, final join

The picture above shows the final join of the L shaped panel with the upper right panels.

To allow the quilt to breathe and to allow your eye to rest, I added a 3″ border of the light tan background fabric. And then I cut up most of the blue scraps into 7″ lengths of various widths to make a Piano Key border.


This “Just Takes 2” quilt is definitely not your Grandmother’s sampler quilt!

Click here to see a modern quilt make with squares of compitable sizes. Katie (of sewkatiedid.wordpress.com) calls it her Magic Number quilt.





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