Suzie’s Scrappy Farewell Quilts

16 06 2014

My friend, Suzie, is a member of the “Ultimate Scrap Collectors and Users” club. She re-purposes clothing, home dec fabric, vintage linen, and quilting cotton scraps transforming them into beautiful quilts. When Suzie saw the picture below on my blog . . .


. . . she thought of a way to modify the design to use the contents of her overflowing scrap bin of 2″ x 3 1/2″ bricks.

Suzie Hardy's scrap quilts

Click the picture to enlarge it; you will see the arrangement of the 3 bricks/rectangles in each block. After adding 1 1/4″ white sashing strips on two sides of each block, Suzie rotated every other block 90 degrees. The pictoral effect reminds me of an over-under weaving design.

Suzie is moving this summer and made these quilts as farewell gifts for her neighbor’s daughters aged 4 and 7. They are tickled pink!

If you made this quilt, would you go totally colorful like the quilt on the left, or would you work with one color like the monochromatic quilt on the right?





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