More Progress on the “Gypsy Wife” Quilt

27 06 2014

My fabric resolution for June was to use this fabric that has been ripening in my stash. You can read more about my project here and here.

Gypsy wife fabrics

As you know, I chose to make a variation of Jen Kinwell’s “Gypsy Wife” quilt. Between other projects and visiting with relatives and entertaining grandchildren, I’ve been making blocks and placing them on my design wall. In the last week, I began sewing 12″ wide columns together. I am pleased with my progress!

GW - progress on design wall

I’ve also made more strip sets. Some of these are cross-cut in 3 1/2″ or 4 1/2″ widths and inserted as fillers beside medium-sized blocks. Some will have small blocks inserted in the length and will be used at the bottom of the quilt.

GW strips

It doesn’t look like I will finish this quilt by June 30. But I would rather enjoy the process and allow this project  to extend into July than to rush the design muse.

Are you working on a project that is taking longer than you thought it would? If so, leave a comment below.




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