Row by Row Experience

7 07 2014

Have you heard about the nation-wide shop hop? Over 1000 quilt shops in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada are participating! As I understand it, when you visit a participating shop between July 1 and September 2, 2014, you receive a free pattern for a row that finishes at 36.” Since all the rows are the same length, you’ll be able to join all the rows you make into a row by row quilt. The shops also offer a fabric license plate imprinted with the state and a quilting sentiment.

How can you find out which quilt shops are on the shop hop? Look on the facebook page for your state. Log on to facebook; search for (Your State) Row by Row Experience. Another way to access the facebook page is using the URL. Here is the link for North Carolina: Notice the NC in the middle of the address. Substitute another state’s abbreviation to view that state’s facebook page. Scroll through the entries in the right hand column to see pictures of the rows designed by participating shops.

Happily, my local quilt shop, Loving Stitches, is participating in the shop hop. They designed a row based on the classic pattern, “Carolina Lily.” And they have kits for sale for this lovely row.

Row by Row at LS

If you travel on vacation this summer, why not research which shops are on your route! I think quilt patterns make wonderful souvenirs.

Oh, and there are prizes:  “Be the first person to bring a finished (quilted, bound, labeled) quilt using at least 8 different rows in to a participating quilt shop and receive a bundle of 25 beautiful fat quarters. Include their row in your quilt and receive a bonus prize! Limit one prize per quilter or quilt. Expires Oct. 31, 2014.”

Have you visited a quilt shop that is participating in the Row by Row Experience this summer?




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