“Slant Six” Mystery Quilt, Clue #3

Be sure to click the “Mystery Quilt” tab above to access and print Clue #3 of the “Slant Six” mystery quilt. Set aside a couple of hours to complete this clue. Work with the fabric strips you placed in Bag #2 to make 16 Seven Patches.

To give you a visual, I photographed the steps as I sewed them.


Be sure to refer to your fabric swatch chart! My chart reminded me that Fabric 1 is the orange print and Fabric 3 is the mottled blue print (exactly opposite of the colored illustration in the instructions). I sewed two strip sets of these fabrics as directed. I pressed the seams toward the wider fabric, Fabric 1. After cutting away the selvage, I cross-cut in 2″ segments. Thirty-two segments (Unit A) are needed.


Notice that I placed a line of the ruler on the seam line between the blue and orange fabrics. This insures a perpendicular cut.


To make Unit B, I made two strip sets with Fabric 1 and Fabric 2. I pressed the seams toward the 2″ wide strips of Fabric 1.


These strip sets were cut in 3 1/2″ segments. Sixteen Unit B’s are needed.


To combine Units A and B, sew a Unit B between 2 Unit A’s. Press seams to either side. You need 16 Seven Patches each measuring 6 1/2″ square.


You may place the Seven Patches in Bag 2 and wait for Clue #4,


OR you may arrange all the blocks from Bags 1-3 on your design wall, in an effort to solve the mystery. Can you figure out the final arrangement of the “Slant Six” mystery quilt?


2 thoughts on ““Slant Six” Mystery Quilt, Clue #3

  1. Aby, This Mystery looks like a good one. Wish I had time to participate. Sorry that we missed each other at AQS on Thursday. It was a busy day. Did you get to see my quilt? I’d be interested in ANY comments you might have. And I mean ANY. I didn’t think the lighting was very good for all the quilts at this show. I did think that the winner in my group deserved the 1st prize by far!

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