“Brick-a-Brack” Friday Freebie

8 08 2014

Did you know that most quilting magazines have websites and blogs? McCall’s Quilting is no exception. Check out their home page. Under the header, you will find a thick pink bar comprised of various click-able tabs: Home, Magazines, Free Books, Bonuses, Blocks & Patterns, Lessons, Videos, Blogs, Community, About Us, Subscribe, Shop. Wow, so much to peruse!

Under the thick pink bar you will see “Recent Blog Posts.” Today Kathy, the McCall’s online editor, is blogging about my quilt “Brick-a-Brack” published in the April/May 2014 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.


The quilt published in the magazine was mainly composed of 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ purple bricks. In addition to submitting this quilt, I sent two smaller quilts made with 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ bricks. The editors wrote directions for the smaller quilts and published them as a free web bonus. Kathy reminds McCall’s blog readers today about the free pattern as a “Friday Freebie.”


If you’ve made “Brick-a-Brack,” either large or small, leave a comment on the McCall’s blog telling Kathy about your quilt.


Prior to publication, I shared the design with my bee group. The following are some ideas and pictures for “Brick-a-Brack” themes. Barbara and Cindy raided their scrap baskets, using all styles of fabric. Susan and Geniece used 1930s reproduction fabrics for sweet baby quilts.


Lynn made a peaches ‘n’ cream quilt, arranging the bricks diagonally by fabric.


Drusilla used rich reds and greens for an elegant throw.


Don’t you love Tai’s bright palette? She’s a natural at coordinating fabrics!


These ladies found the design quick and easy with flattering end results. I hope you will download the Friday Freebie from the McCall’s website and give “Brick-a-Brack” a try.





3 responses

8 08 2014

I LOVE this quilt pattern! Can’t wait to blog about it. I sent a pic to the magazine for show & tell & they fwd’d it to Aby D, the designer. Now she’s going to post my Caribbean version.

8 08 2014

What an adorable quilt!!! Thanks for the heads-up on the free pattern!!!

9 08 2014
Mary Ed

I received my magazine yesterday and thank you so much! And now comes this wonderful pattern – can’t wait to show it to my donation quilt group! It’s perfect for a throw-your-strips -in-the-middle-of-the-table-and-let’s-go sewing day!
Thanks again, Aby.

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