Caribbean “Brick-a-Brack”

11 08 2014

Friday was an exciting day! McCall’s Quilting linked with my blog to give both sets of blog readers a free pattern and lots of fabric choice ideas for “Brick-a-Brack.” Have you downloaded your copy of the free pattern from the McCall’s website?

If you are still undecided on a fabric palette, I’d like to suggest a shimmering option with tropical island flair . . . blue and green batik.

Brick-a-Brack Marilyn Hearnsberger fish

Besides being an avid and passionate quilt maker,  Marilyn is also a certified scuba diver. She lives just minutes from the ocean, and her home overlooks a bay. Is it any wonder she selected these fabrics?  The small fish and seahorse appliques were cut from a fat quarter. Do you see the large appliqued fish in the bottom left corner? Marilyn found the pattern for it in the April/May 2014 Quick Quilts along with the pattern for “Brick-a-Brack.”

Cover for April May 2014 McCall's Quick Quilts

Marilyn kindly sent me close-up pictures of the quilt so you can see the quilting motifs she used. She used a variegated blue thread which blended nicely with all the batik colors yet contrasted well with the light border fabric.

Brick Caribbean 3

While the interior bricks are secured with a diagonal lines, the borders on the sides of the quilt have meandering fishy bubbles. The top and bottom light borders sport wavy lines.

Brick Caribbean 2

Are you wondering how I “met” Marilyn and obtained a picture of her awesome quilt? Marilyn emailed a digital picture of her rendition of “Brick-a-Brack” to along with a short note about her quilt. McCall’s prints some of the photos they receive on a “show and tell” page. And if the photo is not selected for publication, the editors often forward it to the quilt designer. I have received reader photos of “Charmville,” “Prism,” and “Brick-a-Brack.” Your pictures and notes send a valuable message to quilt magazine editors and pattern writers, telling them what designs you enjoyed making. This helps them better plan future magazine issues.

Thanks, Marilyn, for sharing the picture of your shimmering “Caribbean Brick” first with the McCall’s editors and then with me and my blog readers!





3 responses

11 08 2014
Marge Hicks

You have been tempting me to make another brick-a-brack. Guess 3 were not enough. Love the pattern. The Caribbean one is very nice.

11 08 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Love the fish!

11 08 2014

What a pretty rendition of your lovely pattern! How neat that you get to connect with the quilters who use your patterns!

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