More “Dresden Plate” Pictures

31 08 2014

Thank you for your encouraging comments on all three vintage projects I completed for my customer John.


I realize the previous post did not show the completed “Dresden Plate” quilts. The reason— I finished the second quilt after dark Friday night, and Saturday morning dawned foggy. And I so wanted to photograph the quilts on my neighbor’s white picket fence on a sunny day. Here they are in late afternoon Saturday sunshine.


They also look gorgeous on my neighbor’s rocking chairs in dappled sunlight!


Can you keep a secret? John’s sisters are getting quilts and matching pillows for Christmas!




5 responses

31 08 2014

Aby, I am glad you posted the whole quilt. I read with great fascination how you tackled the problem and came up with an impressive solution. The quilts are looking great.

31 08 2014

Let’s hope John’s sisters don’t follow your blog! 🙂

31 08 2014

They’re beautiful! What a treasure his sisters are receiving! THAT’s what quilting is all about.

31 08 2014

These are lovely! I have a set of Dresden plates that are hand pieced. I may have to dig all 30 of them out to make a finished quilt (or two)!

31 08 2014
Jen Johnston

I’ve always been a fan of Dresden plates. So beautiful in person. Your work is amazing Aby!

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