“Four Patch X” Finished!

“I’ll take the rest of the bolt.” Do you ever say that at the fabric store? Here’s the bolt that came in handy for my “Four Patch X” quilt.


I love to shop the Red Tag clearance section at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts. I especially love it when the Red Tag clearance is marked down an additional 50%! That is when I search for premium quilting fabric yardage for backing my quilts. Sometimes I have a needy quilt top in mind; many times I’m buying in advance even of planning the quilt. It’s just nice to have yardage on hand; and bargain shopping stretches the fabric budget immensely.


You can read about the beginning of my “Four Patch X” quilt here. After making 24 scrappy blocks, I trimmed them to 7 3/4″ square. (Who says blocks have to measure 12 1/2,” unfinished?)


 Then I  began searching in my stash for sashing fabric. I considered yellow, the suggested color in the Sept./Oct. 2010 Quiltmaker magazine. I also searched among my blues because Bonnie Hunter used a light, vaguely stripe-y blue in her quilt pictured in her book “More Adventures With Leaders and Enders.” Nothing in my stash enthused me until I spied my bargain bolt leaning nonchalantly against my fabric shelving.

Four Patch X, design wall

 At first, I didn’t like it; the fabric was so different than the other pictured quilts. But with orange cornerstones, it turns out being just right for my quilt.

Four Patch X, needs borders

With print borders, meandering quilting with orange thread, and orange binding, this quilt is ready for snuggling under!

Four Patch X, finished 2

Just wondering what bolts of fabric you have purchased. Have you found a use for them, or are they stacking up in your sewing room?

8 thoughts on ““Four Patch X” Finished!

  1. Aby, Love the way you used the sashing and cornerstones to pull this quilt together, including the binding. Orange is not a color that everyone tends to use so it’s nice to see it bring a quilt together! Good job!! Love you! Beth

  2. Love this quilt! It’s so cozy and just begs for a comfy couch and good mystery. I’m so ready for winter!
    Shopping at Joann’s in their sale stack is a true treasure hunt!

  3. Brings to mind yardage I bought looong
    ago for a Garden Twist quilt, but saw and wanted to duplicate an Escape From the Twist quilt . Now it’s destined
    to become the center of a diamond log cabin quilt. Great job on your quilt!

  4. This fabric really illustrates the fact that sometimes a rather unusual (ugly) fabric may be perfect! If you find fabric at a great price you need to consider the possibilities.

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