“Slant Six” QAL Quilts

I am so excited . . . the participants in the “Slant Six” mystery quilt are finishing their quilt tops! What lovely varieties of fabrics and colors!

First up, is Tanya’s quilt. Love the jewel tones and dragonflies!

Slant Six finish, Tanya Hockensmith

Cindy’s quilt with red, white, blue, and gold fabrics truly has a patriotic flair. I really like the light floral print in the alternate squares.

Slant Six finish, Cindy Munn

Courtney sewed her rows of blocks together during last week’s Quilting Circle. The orange, pink and yellow fabric are so summery. Courtney says she will be looking for more gray print for an outer border.


Stephanie wanted to use stash fabric for her border, and after collaborating with quilting friends, decided on the same fabrics used in the patchwork blocks. “Between work and arriving home I had an epiphany  – slant six, slant borders.” The effect perfectly continues the diagonal movement of the patchwork! Read more on Stephanie’s blog.

Slant Six finish, Stephanie Alexander

Stacy has completed her quilt top, too. You can see a picture on her blog Quiltiferous.wordpress.com. Click here for the blog post.

Karlene tested the pattern for me, and made not one, but two “Slant Six” quilts. Read her blog post and see the lovely quilts on Scrapmuffinquilts.wordpress.com.

Have you completed your “Slant Six” quilt top? If so, send me a digital picture; I’d love to show it to blog readers! aby.quilts@gmail.com

If you didn’t participate in the mystery QAL but would like to make the quilt, you’ll find links to all instructions when you click on the “Mystery Quilt” tab at the top of my blog.


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