“Chicken Hearted” Finished!

This past spring, Quiltmaker published volume 9 of “100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers.”


During the week of the blog tour, I made several blocks from the magazine and blogged about them. “Chicken Hearted” was a block I featured. Click here to read about the beginning of this project.

Chicken Hearted

I’ve procrastinated finishing the block cum wall quilt because I wanted to incorporate a story about Grandaddy’s Chicken House in the quilt’s backing. Having a few hours free time recently, I composed the story in a Word document and inserted a picture of the old chicken house. Then I printed the document on print ready fabric with our ink jet printer. (You can purchase such paper-backed fabric at JoAnn’s and hobby stores as well as quilt shops.)


I sewed strips of fabric around the story, making the backing just a little larger than the front of the quilt. Since “Chicken Hearted” is a small wall quilt, I utilized some scrap strips of batting by machine sewing them together with an extra wide zigzag stitch.

Batting for chicken hearted

To center the top of the quilt on the backing, I placed quilting pins at the centers of all four sides of the backing and the top. Click the picture below for a close up view that shows the match-up of the pins.


I used ecru thread and simple quilting so the story could be easily read:  outline 1/4″ inside the heart, stitching all around the appliques, meandering in the chicken wire background, echo quilting inside the border strips, curls matching the printed motif in the outer border.


To read the story printed on the back of my “Chicken Hearted” quilt, click on the “About” tab at the top of my blog. Then click on “Grandaddy’s Chicken House.”


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