Adventures In and Around Dundee, New York


This week three quilting friends and I are spending time with our friend, Marie, in Dundee, NY. In addition to eating, chatting and sewing, we are having some grand adventures. On Tuesday we hiked in the Watkins Glen Gorge, viewing lovely waterfalls and a rushing creek through shale strata.


On Wednesday we toured the Corning Glass factory museum. Wow! The scientific demos about breaking glass, fiber optics, and glass figurine making were so informative. The displays of glass collections from ancient to modern were extensive and absolutely beautiful.


Guest services and marketing have arranged fun glass-making activities for those who want to pay a little extra. We all elected to make small, blown glass pumpkins. Actually, the technicians heated the glass blob, twisted and twirled the blow rod, and formed the pumpkins’ ridges in molds. My pumpkin will look similar to the pumpkin in the foreground of the picture below.


We just had to blow into the pipe according to their instructions. This was a lot of fun!

Kathy blowing her pumpkin

Kathy blowing her pumpkin

The pumpkins are now in an annealing oven which will lower the temperature gradually; we’ll pick them up on our way out of town on Saturday.

We also visited The Witch’s Stitches quilt shop located on Canal Street in Big Flats, NY.


We all found something of interest since the shop is well stocked with books and patterns, lovely samples and fabrics from batiks to Civil War repro.

DSCN6643 DSCN6644

I bought some tropical fish fabric since my little grandson is currently enamored with Little Nemo. I plan to make a simple “drag around” quilt for his birthday.

Today is a stay-at-home-and-sew day. Tomorrow . . . more adventures are on the agenda!

4 thoughts on “Adventures In and Around Dundee, New York

  1. What fun! And the weather looks gorgeous. I, too, am enamored with Little Nemo and have some fabric if you need it – well, maybe I can give up a teeny, weeny piece…

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