Floral Fantasy Quilt Show Recap


The 2014 Heritage Festival at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens was relaxing, informative, and inspiring. Besides viewing quilts curated by the Tarheel Quilters Guild, garden guests could make cornhusk dolls, churn butter, dip beeswax candles, tour a farmhouse and general store, and stroll the immaculately groomed garden paths while listening to tunes from a Dixiland band. Here’s something interesting I learned – –  You can make a healthful tea by boiling green pine needles from a young tree. Sweetened with honey, it’s a palatable antidote for scurvy; Native Americans acquainted early settlers with the recipe.

Several of the quilts I entered in the show received Honorable Mention ribbons. First up is “Garden Pavers.”


“Fall Harvest” received many admiring comments.


And “The Gypsy Wife’s Garden” brightened the corner where it hung!


In addition, my “Fruehlingzeit” wall quilt placed third in its category.


I also photographed some pictures of antique or vintage quilts. It’s always interesting to see the patterns, colors and fabrics quiltmakers of yesteryear used.

Antique "Birds in the Air"

Antique “Birds in the Air”

Antique "Saw Tooth Star"

Antique “Saw Tooth Star”

Vintage "Uneven Nine Patch"

Vintage “Uneven Nine Patch”

And I love this bright flower quilt made by Sana Moulder. It definitely fits the theme “Floral Fantasy.”


All in all, I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Heritage Festival this year!

4 thoughts on “Floral Fantasy Quilt Show Recap

  1. Dear Aby, You know me! The vintage quilts I enjoyed, but the quilt that got my eye was the floral fantasy quilt by Sana Moulder. How gorgeous! What color! What movement! Love the asymmetrical balance. A quilt after my own heart. Thanks for sharing it! Beth

  2. It was a lovely day, a lovely garden, and, best of all, a lovely quilt show. All of the quilts were gorgeous – congratulations to you for your ribbons!

  3. Wow Aby! You had a great showing! My favorite of your entries is the “Fruehlingzeit.” I love the color combination you chose and I have always been drawn to the Dresden Plate pattern!

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