September Fabric Resolution Finished!

10 10 2014


In Quarryville, PA, there’s an awesome dry goods store. It is simply called “Goods.” They sell everything from clothing, to garden seeds, to toys, to greeting cards, to canning kettles and jars . . . and fabric. Much of the fabric is flat folds for about $4 per yard. My mother-in-law took me shopping at Good’s over a year ago, and I picked up red, blue, and brown tonals as well as some shirtings and backing fabric. On a whim, I also bought about a yard of the fabric pictured below.


It just looked interesting; I had no idea how I would use it.

Turns out it is the exact colors Sarah decorates her living room with. (Hubby will officiate at Sarah and Jordan’s wedding in late October). I decided to use the fabric to make them a wall quilt as a wedding gift.

Since the print is large scale, it works well as the center of a huge patchwork block. Juxtaposing red and orange draws out both colors of the print and adds a bold shading effect. I just needed small doses of the brown since it is so dark. “Four Patches” will fit the bill nicely.


Before sewing the block together, I experimented with the placement of the triangles.


Both are viable options, don’t you think??


I opted for the diamond effect.

After adding a print border, I’m happy to say there are only a few scraps leftover. That’s the goal of a fabric resolution . . . use it up!


I quilted a spikey-spiral freehand design and bound the quilt with a brown tone-on-tone fabric. I attached a hanging sleeve to the back of the quilt, so at 47″ square it can be used as a wall quilt or a sofa quilt.

Psssst! A variation of this design idea will be published in McCall’s Quilting magazine next spring!





7 responses

10 10 2014

Aby, Good on you! That’s for getting into McCall’s and also on choosing the diamond design. I really like it! The large scale fabric you bought at Good’s makes a nice impact on this quilt but doesn’t shout in the way you used it.

10 10 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Great quilt, Aby! I, too, like the “diamond” setting.
I could get lost in a store like that and not surface for days!

10 10 2014

Absolutely stunning

10 10 2014

Lovely gift for a lucky couple!! I love having a couple of strings left when I’m finished with a quilt – you did good!!! Cool to have a pretty for the wall or sofa – good idea!!!

12 10 2014
Dotti Beierwaltes

Aby, You are amazing. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and am constantly inspired by what you do. Quiltah

12 10 2014
Lady Londonberry (@ladylondonberry)

Gorgeous design!

18 10 2014

This caught my eye and held it! Such a great combo of fabric and designs ( :

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