“Table Tiles” QAL – Quilting

13 10 2014

Happy Monday! I hope you had some time over the Columbus Day weekend to work on your “Table Tiles” project. I’ve heard from a couple of you . . . that you are progressing in the sewing and quilting steps. That is great! Could you please send me a picture of your quilt? I’d like to post pictures of the QAL participants’ projects on Oct. 20 and 27. (aby.quilts@gmail.com)


You can hand quilt 1/4″ away from the seams, or you can machine quilt as I did. I freehanded a gentle wave on the seams joining all the 3″ blocks with black thread. If you have a Bernina, experiment with the serpentine stitch; it will sew a gentle wave if you increase stitch length and width.


The backing of my quilt is a lovely robin’s egg blue fabric also acquired in Kenya. Previously, I used most of the yardage as backing for a lap quilt, so I had to insert a black strip between two long, blue scraps for my “Table Tiles” project. (The figurine was purchased at the Masai Market in Nairobi; it’s a visual reminder to pray for the people I met in Kenya.)

Leave a comment below to say how you are progessing with your “Table Tiles” project.




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