Scrap Bag Inspiration

15 10 2014

While attempting to neaten my studio, I came across a plastic bag of scraps, origins unknown. I think some of the scraps are from Kristin, some from Trinity, and some from the guild’s free table. But I can’t be certain.

I decided to press the fabric scraps and cut the useable pieces into squares or strips. Pieces too narrow for string piecing will fill doggie beds for an animal shelter. Fabrics that I don’t have a use for will go back on the ‘free table’ at guild.

Scrap bag inspiration

Oooooh, do you see that interestingly colored striped strip in the center of the picture? Wouldn’t that make fun center squares for “Uneven Nine Patch” blocks? The strip measured 3 1/2″ x width of fabric, so I was able to cut twelve 3 1/2″ squares from it. I also found coordinating pink, green, yellow, and purple fabrics in the scrap bag.

scrap kits

I cut and pinned together kits for making the “Uneven Nine Patches.” Each kit contains 4 rectangles 2″ x 3 1/2,” and 4 squares 2″ x 2.” Along with the striped center square, these kits will be my Leader/Ender project as I’m sewing other “more important” projects. Click here to read Bonnie Hunter’s explanation of Leaders/Enders. This method of making a secondary quilt saves time and thread; I love it!

I plan to use the 12 blocks in a baby quilt for our local hospital’s NICU.


After making the blocks, I searched for suitable sashing and border fabric. I had purchased some yardage of pastel birdhouses, so I auditioned the blocks against it. Maybe a pink border?

DSCN6537 Well, it’s okay, but not super terrific, in my opinion. What about a floral border instead? The floral print actually contains all the colors of the stripe print in the centers of all the blocks! It has been sitting in my pink/purple fabric container for awhile now begging to be used.


About ten years ago, this style of quilt—scrappy blocks, print sashing, print border—was considered “modern.” By contrast, today’s modern quilt often utilizes a solid color for background or negative space. Since this will be for a modern baby, I nixed the birdhouse fabric in favor of wide white sashing with floral cornerstones and border. I cut the sashing 3 1/2″ wide so the quilt, with 3 1/2″ borders, would finish at 36″ wide.


I used white thread and a variety of quilting motifs: meandering in the outer border, figure eight loops in the white areas, continuous curve in the cornerstones and a star burst design in the patchwork blocks.


I had almost enough floral fabric for the backing. More scraps from the scrapbag came to my rescue!


I wonder what’s lurking in your scrapbag. Take a look, you might discover inspiration for your next quilting project!




4 responses

15 10 2014
Marge Hicks

Love the scrappy stuff. I do a lot of scrappy.

15 10 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Yippee, Aby! What a great quilt and a great inspiration! I am going to harass our guild into (1) a scrap table and (2) making scrap quilts for our pediatric units. Talking to you and your guild members has really inspired me to get our members moving. Thanks!

15 10 2014

Great baby quilt! I really like the wide sashing with the corner stones! The quilting really enhances the quilt as well. I get so tired of quilters throwing anything together to make a quilt for donation…lovely to see someone taking the time to make a beautiful quilt from scraps!!

22 10 2014
Frauke Schramm

Thanks for the inspiration – it is always fun to see what people can do with scraps 😉

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