“Sparkling Pines” Published!

Have you seen the Dec/Jan 2015 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts?

QQ Cover dec jan 14 runner

My design, “Sparkling Pines” is on pg. 28!

QQ dec jan 14 Sparkling-Pines-FLAT-600px

As the article says, you can “brighten your table this holiday season with this simple, sweet table runner.”

While cutting out the fabric pieces for my runner, I also cut enough for one lucky blog reader. That’s right, you could win a kit for “Sparkling Pines!” Leave a comment below if you would like to be entered in the drawing which will be held in one week on October 28.


20 thoughts on ““Sparkling Pines” Published!

  1. Aby, I am so proud for you! Your name is becoming synonymous with new, sweet patterns that come together fairly quickly without a lot of fuss and look stunning with the right color combinations. And the magazines know it! More power to you! You really should write a book. Send one to the magazines and save one for your book and repeat! You’re worth it! Love you to bits, Beth

  2. Every time I see that you have a quilt in one of the magazines I wish I were where I could just run out and buy the magazine at the newsstand! I have collected many magazines with your quilts, some of them even have your signature. You have many admirers and friends in Germany, Aby dear.

  3. Aby, love the table runner. Will add this to my “must do” list of your quilt designs. Would be “icing on the cake” to win your kit!

  4. Haven’t seen it yet, but I do have a subscription so should be here shortly. I love the table runner. Guess I will have to make one or two.

  5. Aby, I received my magazine last week and loved your table runner. It was even prettier in person when you showed it at guild. Can’t wait to make my own. Your patterns are so easy to cut and put together.

  6. Congratlions on getting your “Sparkling Pines” pattern into the magazine! It’s very cute. Please enter me into the drawing.

  7. Cool Aby!! It’s neat to see what you do!! I loved this table runner!! Now I will need to get a new magazine! Or win your drawing!!

  8. I saw your pattern when my magazine came last week. I had been waiting for you to mention it. I love the pattern and am hoping to make one for my table and one for my oldest daughter so that she can start collecting holiday decorations for her home. Would love to win the kit. So proud to point out that you’re my friend every time I see you published!

  9. Congratulations on being published!!! Your table runner is totally adorable and would be perfect on my great grandmother’s table all year long!!!

  10. Hi Aby, Congratulations on getting your pattern published again. Please add my name to the drawing. I normally don’t partake but tomorrow is my birthday and this may make a wonderful present. Hahaha. Love the 9 patch quilt as well. My friend is having twins, what to do? Make two quilts?

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