Charming “I Spy” Quilt

27 10 2014


This baby quilt top was made by friend and customer, Tricia. Her niece is having a baby, and the family doesn’t know yet whether it’s a boy or a girl. The niece likes navy and white, so Tricia made a gender neutral “I Spy” quilt.

Generally, the “I Spy” fabrics are larger and take center stage in a quilt. But in this quilt, the largest pieces are 5″ dark blue charm squares. Now take a closer look by clicking the picture and zooming in. All the 2 1/2″ corner stones are conversation prints!


Notice that Tricia placed solid squares of the primary and secondary colors diagonally in the quilt. (Top left corner to bottom right corner.)


Tricia suggested quilting with white thread in the white sashing pieces and quilting with navy thread in the blue areas. That would mean a lot of stops and starts and thread color changes for me . . . so I countered with the idea of quilting objects in the blue squares with white thread. This expanded the “I Spy” idea. I found lots of design inspiration from two books by Laura Lee Fritz.


Using the continuous-line designs in the books for reference, I sketched them onto the blue squares with a chalk pencil as shown in the photo below. I meandered in the sashing and cornerstones and stitched the drawn designs as I worked my way across the quilt.


This quilt was lots of fun, all around. Fun for Tricia to select fabrics and construct the top, fun for me to select shapes to quilt in the navy squares, and it will be fun for the baby as he/she grows into toddler-hood and learns the names of the objects and colors.

Would you be interested in making a similar quilt? We could exchange 2 1/2″ squares of conversation prints. (You would supply your own 5″ squares, sashing and border.) An exchange would work nicely with at least ten participants. Leave a comment below if you would like to participate!





2 responses

27 10 2014

How many squares would one need to trade?

29 10 2014
Debbie Forster

Yes count me in, send me details on where to send the squares. Thank you,

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