Fabric Resolution, November

1 11 2014

Last January, I “vowed” to use up some fabrics that have lain dormant in my stash for quite awhile. Each month I’ve blogged about a project that utilized a selected fabric.


This month’s selection is Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow. Isn’t is cute? For years (no kidding) I’ve felt that it is just too cute to cut up. My sister, Becky, sent me a half yard of this fabric when I lived in Hanau, Germany (the first tour in Hanau). The date on the selvage is 1994!

November 2014 . . . high time to use this fabric. The trouble is I don’t know what to make with it . . . still . . . after 20 years of thinking about it.

I did find some coordinating fabrics in my stash; perhaps they will spark some creative ideas.


Please leave a comment below with your suggestions!




10 responses

1 11 2014

I think I have that same fabric. I think I always meant to fussy cut the scarecrows, add squares, or triangles, and make a table runner. I’ll look forward to seeing what you make.

1 11 2014
Carol Kunkel

Or rail fence combined with Becky’s favorite block.

1 11 2014
Carol Kunkel

Well my first comment didn’t come through so the posted one does not make sense….
My suggestion was to use Rail Fence as rail fences are found on farms, as are scarecrows. I also asked if I remembered correctly that there was farm history. ..or rural history in your family, tying the rail fence, scarecrows and your family (Does Becky live on a farm or rural areas? ) together. Then the thought of using rail fence in combination with Becky’s favorite block, tying the theme all together. 🙂

1 11 2014

I used a sweet piece of fabric like that by just quilting it as a whole cloth! It’s great for a table topper. Or make some sweet tiny blocks to go around it and keep it focused in the center. You get more effect than if its just a border!

1 11 2014
Pam Bonstead

A wall hanging of four, good sized double wedding rings. Use the scarecrows as the centers and the coordinatings for the rings.

1 11 2014

Oh, what a great selection of fabrics! You know how I am though; I tend to over-think pattern and color. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

1 11 2014

There is at least one great patchwork scarecrow block – why not make a scarecrow quilt?

🙂 Linda

8 11 2014
Kimberly Marshall

I love the idea of a scarecrow quilt!!! This fabric is fabulous!!♡

2 11 2014

Cute paper pieced pattern for a scarecrow! Your fabric is adorable and would look great paired with the PP scarecrow!

2 11 2014
Carol Anderson

I’m hooked on hexagons right now…the hex-nut quilt as you go kind! Use the
scarecrow print as the centers, the co-ordinates as the backing borders (as they wrap around to border the centers) that way when you filp it you’ll have
hexagon stepping stones…maybe even use insul-brite and have extra protection for your table!

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