“Grand Illusion” Mystery Quilt

3 12 2014

Here’s my fabric line-up for Bonnie Hunter’s yearly mystery quilt, “Grand Illusion.”


Would you like to participate? Read more about the mystery here. Bonnie will post one clue each Friday between Thanksgiving and Epiphany. You can see the progress of other mystery quilt participants here. Over 270 quilters are currently mystified!

If you compare Bonnie’s color/fabric selections with mine, you will notice that I’ve made a few substitutions. Instead of Green, I’m using a medium scale floral print. Instead of Pinks, I’m using various Reds that coordinate with the print.


You see, the print, a coordinating aqua, and a rich gold are my fabric resolution for December. I purchased these fabrics about five years ago; they were sooooo pretty. But I never found the perfect project for them. So to round out my year of monthly fabric resolution projects, I resolve to use these fabrics in the “Grand Illusion” mystery quilt! (You can read about the other Fabric Resolution projects by typing “Fabric Resolution” in the Search box at the upper right corner of my blog.)

Bonnie has already posted the first cutting and sewing clue. Perhaps I’ll have time to work on it today!




3 responses

3 12 2014

You much faster than I am, so “today” may be enough for you to complete this clue – I, on the other hand, needed three days!!!

3 12 2014

Good morning…
Thank you again for my magazine… I’m proud of you… and your striving to use up fabrics. I’ve tried BOMs in the past, they’ve been a huge failure. I’ve made a resolution not to commit to something that requires a schedule… life always gets in the way. I’m happy that you can. We now live in two different parts of the country… warmer months find us in MN and the cooler part of the year in GA. for our MN church’s community Thanksgiving dinner I promised to make a coaster for each possible attendee. We figured up that I used over 30 yds of fabric, all my husband could say was “it wasn’t enough” 🙂 You can’t tell. Now my projects are winter pillowcases for all of my friends and family. Some of the fabric has come from the stash but a great deal of it was purchased on sale 🙂

Have a delightful December…

3 12 2014

I’m trying my hand at Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt this year too! Not quite finished with clue 1.

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