“Ups and Downs” Finished – a Quilt for Kaleb

5 12 2014


This past summer, Kaleb sorted through my stack of “Ups and Downs” blocks, selecting the more muted fabric tones and rejecting the bright “kid-sy” blocks. “This will be my Fall quilt,” he said. You can read more about the beginning of this quilt here.


“Ups and Downs” is my go-to Leader/Ender block. As I cut up scraps, I pin together four 2″ squares of one fabric, four 2″ squares of a contrasting fabric, and four 2″ x 3 1/2″ rectangles of a coordinating fabric.


I place these block kits in a small container by my sewing machine. Then, when I come to the end of a seam on my primary patchwork project, I use the “Ups and Downs” pieces to create a secondary project block. I save the 6 1/2″ blocks and use them in charity quilts or as “back art” to expand the backing for a quilt. Read more about Leaders and Enders on Bonnie Hunter’s website.


In this case, Kaleb selected enough blocks to make a large lap quilt! He wanted a large block in the center; we found the star in my orphan block container. We also found one Maple Leaf block . . . and the fabric to make three more. The leaves look great as corner blocks! On this collaborative quilt, I was the pinner and presser, while Kaleb sewed sashing between the blocks.

DSCN6771     DSCN6772

I told him I would quilt the project and give him the quilt for a Christmas gift. He was flabbergasted, as any 11 year old would be, “You mean I am working on my own Christmas present?”


Join me in congratulating Kaleb for patiently and accurately sewing the blocks into a fine quilt. I am so pleased he persevered, seeing the project to completion.





9 responses

5 12 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Way to go, Kaleb! That is a wonderful quilt and you did a great job sewing the blocks together.

5 12 2014

Congratulate Kaleb for me. He did a great job and could become a Master Quilter if he continues to be Grandma’s helper as he grows up. This is truly a wonderful Christmas present that I know he’ll enjoy for years to come, especially since he was “hands on” in the making!
Merry Christmas, Aby! Love you! Beth

5 12 2014

What a beautiful job you both did. Quilting is like a big fabric puzzle… all the pieces “fall” into place with practice and patience. A job well done, and in time for Christmas. Wonder if he’ll hear Santa better under his own quilt???

5 12 2014

Well done Caleb! It’s a beautiful quilt you’ve made; a treasure for a lifetime.

5 12 2014
Marie Krause

What a wonderful and colorful quilt! A great lesson for a lucky boy!

5 12 2014
Carol Anderson

It’s a beautiful first quilt Kaleb. Can’t wait to see the next one!

6 12 2014

Kaleb did a great job. Love the colors!

6 12 2014
Pam Bonstead

Way to sew, Kaleb!

7 12 2014

What a lovely collaborative quilt!! I sure hope he enters this beauty in a quilt show – he is sure to win a ribbon or two!!!

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