Christmas Sampler–a Work in Progress

I’ve been working this fall on a sampler quilt for my son Dan and his wife. The impetus for beginning the project was a Christmas sampler quilt offered by Karlene on her blog. The plan: Make one block per week for 12 weeks, beginning Sept. 26 and finishing at Thanksgiving. I liked the first block so I rummaged in my box of Christmas fabrics to find coordinating reds, greens, and prints.


Being privy to some insider information, I learned (from Karlene) that not all the blocks would measure 12″ square. Since I wanted twelve 12″ blocks, I decided to go off on a quilting tangent. I made some of my favorite blocks, like Weathervane and Ohio Star.

Weathervane block      Ohio Star block

And I made four blocks recently published in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers, vol. 10. You can read about those blocks here, here, here, and here.

I decided to frame half my blocks in red tone-on-tone and the other half in green tone-on-tone. The six blocks at the top of the design wall are predominantly red, so I framed them with green. Alternately, the six blocks at the bottom of the design wall were predominantly green, so I framed them in red.

Christmas Sampler WIP

I bought a yard each of red and green, so I had enough fabric to cut the frames wider than usual. Finishing at 3,” the frames greatly enlarge the quilt, help the viewer focus on color, and lend a modern air to the quilt.


I love the border print, also found in my stash.


Fifteen days until Christmas . . . and fifteen days to finish this quilt!

Are you gifting any quilts for Christmas this year?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Sampler–a Work in Progress

  1. Love it, Aby!
    Answer to your question:
    I hope to finish a Hungry Caterpillar quilt for the youngest grandchild before Christmas, so yes, I am gifting that quilt and one more (already done) for a friend’s birthday on the 21st.

  2. Aby, Merry Christmas! Because my fibromyalgia has been acting up, I have managed to piece and pin-baste a Quilt of Valor and start a “Tree of Life – Smiling”, but no Christmas quilts. As a result, I hand-painted or hand-dyed silk scarves for family and friends. They turned out beautifully and I am pleased with them. May do some birthday presents in 2015 this way. Hope your Christmas season and New Year are memorable and peaceful. Love, Beth

  3. Really excited to be gifting a disappearing nine patch to a
    friend and neighbor this year!
    Used a lot of button fabrics as
    she collects button and belongs
    to a button club…can’t wait!

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