A Bit of Winter Sunshine

19 12 2014

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? It was sunny and fairly warm in Fayetteville, NC yesterday and today. The perfect weather for photographing a warm and sunny quilt.


Several years ago Gail made the orange, pink, white and yellow blocks for this quilt . . . but they remained on the shelf until she needed a Christmas gift for a special friend this year.

She added a white border and brought the quilt top to me for quilting. Since the blocks are so linear, Gail requested a circular design. Freehand spirals fit the bill. I used variegated pink/orange/yellow thread on the top and light yellow thread in the bobbin.


Gail found the perfect backing fabric in a Florida quilt shop, but the fabric was not quite as large as the quilt. She cut the fabric diagonally and inserted a wide, white strip of fabric. (Click here to see an explanation of this technique.) The quilting design shows up nicely in the white area.


I predict this quilt will spread a bit of sunshine, no matter the weather outside!


Do you have a sunny, cheerful quilt that makes your heart happy when the weather is dreary? If so, describe it in a comment below.




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