Orphan Blocks Find Homes

5 01 2015


With the holidays behind me, I’ve had some time to sew this past week. Instead of totally concentrating on UFOs and WIPs (UnFinished Objects and Works in Progress) . . . of which I have plenty, I spent several happy hours designing and sewing a couple of baby quilts. You saw the top for “Celebrate Life!” in my last post. Here’s the finished quilt. I meandered single loops and double loops with aqua variegated thread and bound the quilt with aqua fabric. Remember . . . you will find a link to the instructions for this quilt on my “Patterns” page.


The quilt pictured above was actually the second quilt I made. The design morphed from the quilt shown below. Prior to sewing “Celebrate Life!,” I fiddled around with 6 1/2″ blocks that daughter Trinity had leftover from her “Slant Six” mystery quilt.


I arranged the blocks in diagonal rows on my design wall, adding some medium gray print and cutting a few more squares of textured dark gray print. I’ve heard babies can easily focus on black and white and red. What do you think?


Next, I thought to find a purpose for a “March to Spring” orphan block in the center of the quilt. So I replaced the four center squares with the 12 1/2″ block. Do you like the quilt better now? (“March to Spring” was published in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 9. Click here if you’d like to order a copy of the magazine form Quiltmaker.)


Then I contemplated adding large red squares to coordinate with the small red squares in the patchwork block.


Yes, I like that much better. The bold red lends sparkle and fun, don’t you think? The quilt evolved from drab to fab! I added a 3″ wide black polka dot border so the quilt would measure 42″ square.

There were a few 6 1/2″ blocks leftover, so I used them to expand the backing fabric.


I quilted loops and double loops in gray thread and bound the quilt with Kona black.


Now for your mission, should you choose to accept it . . . use one of your orphan blocks to make a quilt. Send me a picture; I’d love to share it with blog readers. aby.quilts@gmail.com





2 responses

5 01 2015
Marie Krause

As always these quilts are cute, cute ,cute!

6 01 2015

Such a good idea to make up some baby quilts from orphan blocks! It’s always nice to have some time to sew in the winter, isn’t it? You make such lovely quilts!

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