Helga’s Jelly Roll Challenge

26 01 2015

Robert Kaufman dark solid roll upOver a year ago, my friend Helga challenged a group of her quilting friends to make a quilt with Robert Kaufman’s dark solids jelly roll. I will keep the lap quilt I make, but I must use any remaining scraps to make a small wall quilt to exchange in a drawing with the other challenge participants. The June 2014 deadline has come and gone. My jelly roll remained untouched until this week.

Helga is motivating the slow pokes like me to complete the challenge by inviting us to show our quilts as a group in the Nuertingen, Germany quilt show 19 – 22 March. Nothing like a deadline! I told Helga I would mail my quilt to her if I found time to make it in January.

My friend Judy B. showed me a quilt made of batiks (see a similar quilt here) . . . and I felt the design would look nice in the dark Kaufman solids AND could be quickly constructed. I purchased five light fabrics to make the dark/light blocks, cutting 20 additional 2 1/2″ strips. After sewing for several hours last Wednesday and Thursday, I had a stack of blocks, 6 1/2″ x 12 1/2.”


Some blocks were left half sewn for tops and bottoms of alternate rows.


Here’s how the blocks look on my design wall. Ooops, the half blocks in the top row need to be rotated 180 degrees!


Several hours of concentrated sewing on Friday yielded 10 columns of blocks.


Now to join the columns and quilt the quilt. Barring any unforeseen emergencies, I believe I’ll have time to finish the twin size quilt and mail it to Helga. Now . . . making the small raffle quilt . . . that’s another story. Any suggestions for the pile of scraps?







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26 01 2015

Sew a row of paired colors (dark green & light green), alternating colors. Then do the same for the other paired colors. Then put the green row on top of the orange row and slice at a slight angle. Continue with the other rows. Then mix up the rows and sew together. I have no idea if this will work – it just came into my head when I read your question. Good luck!

26 01 2015

Love your quilt, Aby! And wish you could bring it and stay for the quiltshow.
BTW – Tina pushed the deadline for these quilts to spring of 2015 and we will show the ones from our last swap in Nürtingen … ;-))

26 01 2015
Deb M

Lovely! What a coincidence; I pulled out my jellyroll and ideas only yesterday. Now to see how fast I can get it together! 😉

26 01 2015
Jen Johnston

Impressive Aby! How about a Charmville wall hanging????

27 01 2015
Brenda E

Such easy and quick pattern. Maybe for the small one, start with a square in square and build around it. Thanks for sharing!

27 01 2015

I encourage you to try something Improv! It’s fun! I love the large quilt you made!

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