String Quilt – Work in Progress

I started a new quilt. I know, I know, I am ignoring my various and sundry UFOs. But my excuse for beginning a new project is that “string piecing on a paper foundation” is the subject for discussion at the February Quilting Circle. And I need a sample for show and tell.

Months ago I saw a scrap quilt on Pinterest that I really like. It was made by Lynn Harris; you can see the quilt on her blog, The Little Red Hen – she titled the quilt “Nancy.”  Lynn combined half square tirangles of lime green with string pieced half square triangles. Since I have 1 1/2 yds. of lime green and a bag stuffed with strings, I decided it was time to start.


I cut 8″ squares from an old telephone book and proceeded to cover them with scrappy strips of fabric. The widest strip is 2 1/2,” and the narrowest is 1 1/4.” I’m using leftover triangles from mitering borders to cover the two opposite corners.

IMG_3578   IMG_3577

Tip: It is best to place the first strip diagonally across the center of the paper square. Then work outward from both sides with a sew and flip method.

IMG_3586I work on 5 squares at a time so I can chain piece without wasting thread.


Warning: This is not a neat project. As you can see, strips and strings are scattered on the floor beside my sewing table and litter the top of the table as well.


I’ve made 20 blocks so far and estimate that my yardage of lime green will yield only 30 squares. Therefore, I’ll need 30 string pieced blocks as well.

Twenty string pieced blocks down, and 10 to go!

4 thoughts on “String Quilt – Work in Progress

  1. I’ve been cleaning out the sewing room… not much has really left but it’s a little better organized now. Cut out pillowcase parts for a sewing marathon I’d like to do when hubby goes off for a family visit… AFLC challenge here they come. Anyway, cut strips and strings ready for a charity string pieced quilt… they are so pretty and young folks enjoy looking at the various fabrics especially if they’re something they’ve never seen like Heckle Jeckle cartoon fabric 🙂

    Want to see your finished project

  2. I have a darling pattern for a paper pieced Santa (somewhere in my stash) purchased at Loving Stitches more than 13 years ago. I have yet to learn to paper piece though. Maybe someday…..

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