“Nancy” Quilt – Still Stringing Along


(I am sorry . . . my pictures detailing my process for making this quilt have vanished.)

On Feb. 2 I wrote about beginning a new string-pieced project. I hope you will click on Lynn Harris’ blog (The Little Red Hen) to see her quilt, my inspiration. To reply to Cheryl’s comment/questions, I’ll bring you up to date on my process and progress.

My method for making this quilt is a bit different than Lynn’s. Whereas she constructed oversized triangles and trimmed them using a 6 1/2″ triangle acrylic ruler, I sewed my strips on  8″ paper foundations, making squares. After making the twenty-eight string pieced squares required for my quilt, I easily removed the telephone book paper foundations.

I cut twenty-eight 8″ lime green squares from yardage and marked a diagonal line on the wrong side of each square.

Placing a green square right sides together with a string-pieced square, I sewed 1/4″ away from both sides of the marked line. Then I cut the squares in half on the marked diagonal.

I had planned to trim each block down to 7 1/2″ square, but then I realized that as long as all the blocks are the same measurement, the quilt will go together nicely. Here’s how I trimmed the excess strings:  Leaving the HST still folded and unpressed, I placed a corner of a ruler in the 90 degree corner of the green triangle and trimmed off the bits and pieces from both sides. My HSTs measure between 7 5/8″ and 7 3/4.” Since the resulting blocks are large and the patchwork sides are bias edges, I think I can ease in the difference without having to sliver-trim all the blocks.

Pressing the seam allowances toward the green triangles is the final step. The 28 squares have become 56 half square triangle blocks which can be arranged into a 7 x 8 grid.

My “Nancy” quilt is coming together . . . but I still have oodles of unused strings. Do you have a fave string-pieced quilt pattern I could try next?

7 thoughts on ““Nancy” Quilt – Still Stringing Along

  1. I love this! The blocks are so cheerful and bright. Hope you will bring it in March. All of your quilts are perfect for teaching and making donation quilts and we are really in need of a lot of quilts for the hospitals. Thanks!

  2. What fun to use telephone book pages – now I can recycle those pages and still enjoy making quilt squares! Thanks for your ideas! Diane

  3. Thanks for letting me know how you made your HSTs. What a smart idea to wait and trim at the end. Will you arrange your blocks the same as the inspiration? Wondering if this would work with selvages?

  4. I just happen to be making string blocks now too. I used all Christmas fabrics with a various red down the center of the block. Since I have 40 of them I am going to do some like you did. Mine are 10″ unf. thanks for the idea.

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