Progress on “Grand Illusion”

6 02 2015

It’s been over a month since I’ve written about the “Grand Illusion” mystery quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter. Click here to see my late December post. Since Bonnie is having a link-up of mystery projects, I decided to spend today sewing the components of my blocks together so I could participate in the link-up. Click here to see “Grand Illusion” quilts made by other quilters. Click the “Grand Illusion” picture icon in the right sidebar to link to Bonnie’s post that contains all the clues. If you’d like to make the quilt, be sure to print the clues soon; in a few months they will be retired from Bonnie’s blog so they can be printed in a future book.

Isn’t the block design boldly striking?


Here are four blocks with theĀ checkerboard sashing in between.


I think, because of my chosen print fabric instead of the prescribed green tonals, the design looks muddled. I think I prefer a traditional setting with light colored sashing and cornerstones. What do you think of light gray?


Perhaps I can use the checkerboard patchwork in a border.





11 responses

6 02 2015

I think I kind of like what you call the muddled look! It’s knd of interesting.

6 02 2015

I agree with you – the design gets a bit lost with the pieced sashing. They would look great in a border though!

6 02 2015
Jen Johnston

I agree Aby……the checkerboard sashing is too much! I think the design of the large blocks gets lost. I think the gray looks great! What about a solid mustard????

6 02 2015

I really like the gray spacers. I do like the block, too, when it’s set so you can focus on it.

6 02 2015

I agree that the block looks better with sashing. I am using 2 on my blocks–a very narrow black with abit of white, then a wider white with a medium black dot. My green and white blocks, sashing were muddled as well. Good luck. This is a big quilt. I am making a 4 patch and then another with the 8 remining blocks (I only made 1/2 of the pattern)

7 02 2015

Oh, what beautiful blocks – good German colors! :-). Yup, I agree – muddled with checkerboard sashing – they’d look great in a border tho!

7 02 2015

Aby, Your blocks are terrific! By all means, use the gray sashing so that the blocks can shine. They need that separation to let the colors shimmer. The checkerboard will look great in the border. I would suggest a small inner border to separate it from the blocks so both it and the blocks do not compete with each other. However you complete it, I know it will be beautiful!!! Beth

7 02 2015

I agree. I finished all of the clues, but decided to set it aside for a bit before assembling blocks. I was thinking of using a sashing also and hoping to use the checkerboard strips elsewhere. I also thought the fact that the seams didn’t match was distracting. That said, I love all that Bonnie does and I am happy that she shared the pattern. I’ll get it finished one day!

8 02 2015
Brenda E

I am still working on my GI too and like you my colors are different. I used purple as my dark and teal instead of green. Love seeing others that took a side step in their colors!

8 02 2015
Dotti Beierwaltes

beierd–I think that you are right about the checkerboard sashing. I like the light gray much better.

8 02 2015
Lady Londonberry (@ladylondonberry)

Most definetely a lighter sashing. The conclusion is: the checker board is a design for another day… But then you always call it right and your piece is beautiful

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