Krystine’s Jelly Roll Quilt

14 02 2015



Granddaughter Krystine received a jelly roll of brightly printed fabrics as a gift over a year ago. There was much deliberation over a quilt design. We wanted more sewing challenge than “Chinese Coins,” her first bed size quilt. You can read about Krystine’s “Chinese Coins” quilt here. We searched the internet for images of jelly roll quilts and leafed through quilting magazines and books, finally arriving at “the perfect design.”



Krystine sews Eden pins


We rotary cut the jelly roll strips into 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles and cut the slightly dotted light background fabric into 2 1/2″ squares. This past summer, Krystine sewed while her cousin pinned.


We placed several rows on the design wall . . . and Krystine kept sewing. We tried to make a few more rows each time she visited through the fall.

Krystine chain piecing

We made a big push to finish the quilt top during my visit to her house these past two weeks. Keith even got into the action – supporting the weight of the quilt as Krystine joins two large sections.

Keith helps Krystine with her quilt

Krystine is all smiles; her quilt top is finally finished.


The next step? Quilting it on my longarm . . . all by herself! I guess she’ll have to come visit me soon!




6 responses

14 02 2015
Beth T.

Hooray for Krystine and how nice that she had so much help. Lots of good memories in that quilt already.

14 02 2015

fabulous Job Krystine! Well done!

14 02 2015
Jen Johnston

Way to pass on the skills!!!

14 02 2015

Loved how she stuck with the project over a period of time. Can’t wait to see picture of her quilting it at your house!

15 02 2015

The quilt top is beautiful! Congratulations on a finished top, Krystine!

16 02 2015


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