Let the Fabric Do the Talking

16 02 2015

Isn’t this a bold, fun quilt?


The block design is simple – a large square, 3 small squares and a rectangle. But the overall appearance of the quilt is awesome because of the chosen fabrics. Various shades of teal, black, and white boldly say, “Look at me!” And I surmise that various shades of ANY color plus black and white would make an equally striking quilt.


Capitalizing on the floral print motif, I quilted large flowers in each of the 8″ squares. I filled in around the flowers with heart-shaped leaves and loops, all with a variegated teal thread.


This charity quilt made by members of the Colonial Piecemakers in Williamsburg, Va. proves that you needn’t piece an intricate design in order to achieve an awesome quilt. Let the fabric do the talking with a simple block design.






3 responses

16 02 2015

Oh, I LOVE that quilt, Aby! These are so much my colors. Would you mind to tell us how the measurements of the pieces are? Have a great week!

16 02 2015

It really is nice and I would like a pattern if possible.

17 02 2015
Frauke Schramm

Absolutely a “WOW”-quilt … and yes, I think it would look great in any colour combination.

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