Snow Day = Sew Day

I’ve been working on my “Grand Illusion” quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter. By clicking the “Grand Illusion” icon in the right sidebar, you’ll be linked to Bonnie’s blog post that contains links to all the clues of her 2014 mystery quilt. This past Tuesday was a snow day in Fayetteville; all activities involving driving were cancelled, so I stayed home and sewed.

I placed my 25 patchwork blocks on the design wall and moved them around  to intersperse the various center Four Patches. This block-to-block arrangement is so intriguing, I was almost persuaded to simply sew the blocks together without sashing.


In a previous post I explained that my quilt will be different than Bonnie’s layout, and I asked your opinion on a light gray sashing. We all agreed that sashing would allow the blocks to shine. Upon reflection, the gray seemed a little bit light. So I looked at the remaining yardage from my fabric draw for the quilt and considered a muted teal print (by Denyse Schmidt). Calculating the amount I’d need for cutting 2 1/2″ wide sashing and inner border, I discovered that there was just enough!


I cut cornerstones from a black print, and sewed away while the snowflakes fell.


Next – figuring out the pieced border. I turned my blocks differently than Bonnie’s original pattern. I like the red triangles appearing like Prairie Points next to the teal border. I remade the Four Patch corners for the border, using colors that would contrast with my border arrangement.


Now I’m wondering if I need an outer border – perhaps a black print. Our retreat group will attend the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival today in Hampton, Va. I’ll take a look in the plethora of vendor’s booths; perhaps I’ll find a border that is just right for “Grand Illusion.”

5 thoughts on “Snow Day = Sew Day

  1. I like how the sashing turned out. Each individual block shines a little! Without the sashing, it is very busy but still beautiful and almost reminds of an Aztec type blanket.

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