Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2015

2 03 2015

What is better than seeing quilts at a quilt show?


…Seeing quilting friends at a quilt show and enjoying the exhibition together! Former Black Forest Quilters from Stuttgart, Germany are pictured with the Best of Show quilt: Diane, Aby, Yvette, Rachel, Dawn, Dwanna, and Kathy. The maker of the pictured quilt is Margaret Solomon Gunn. Click here to link to Margaret’s website.

It was fun to see two of my published designs exhibited in the show. Yvette’s friend, Gayla, made “Charmville” for the special exhibition of her guild’s Ugly Fabric Challenge quilts.



And T. Parker Chiudioni modified “Prism,” using fabrics specified by the Hoffman Fabric Challenge.


My friends and I were inspired by the wide variety of quilts at the Festival: traditional and modern, pieced and appliqued, wool, cotton, leather (!), machine quilted, hand quilted, embellished, and embroidered. And, of course, we found some treasures at the vendors’ booths.




4 responses

2 03 2015

Next year I hope to join you! Amazing seeing your patterns in the quilt show!

6 03 2015
Frauke Schramm

Lovely to see you all together – it sure looks like you had a great time !!

7 03 2015
Margaret Solomon Gunn

beautiful pic of friends shown at the top (with my winning quilt too!!). Nice post~

12 03 2015

That’s so neat that your patterns were used! You really are teaching a new generation of quilters!

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