Wishing You a Joyous Easter

1 04 2015

DSCN7193During Lent, the 46 days prior to Easter, some churches drape purple fabric over a wooden cross. I am curious about this custom since I grew up attending a small chapel with a non-liturgical service of worship. In addition, I have observed that some churches change the colors of altar cloths based on the liturgical church calendar. Why? As a quilter, I’m all about color, and I want to know what the colors represent.

Here is what my research revealed: Not all Christian churches attach the same symbolism to the colors of the drapes they use. Click here for the informative article I read.

Purple symbolizes repentance, hence it is used during Lent. Purple can also portray royalty if specifically used on Palm Sunday when Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey just one week prior to His crucifixion. The crowd hailed their King with palm branches and shouts of “Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

The cross can be draped in black on Good Friday to symbolize the darkness of Christ’s sacrifical death on the cross.

On Easter, Resurrection Sunday, white linens will be used.

Red symbolizes the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It can also symbolize the blood of the martyrs.

Green altar cloths signify “ordinary time” during the church year, “days that aren’t encompassed by Advent, Lent, Christmas or Easter.”

Blue drapes may be used during Advent, the four weeks that Christians anticipate the coming of Christmas when Jesus’ birth is celebrated.

And now, back to Purple . . .

Tanya asked me to quilt “Fruehlingzeit” (German for “Springtime”) for a former co-worker. Photographing it in the branches of a Bradford Pear in full bloom remind me of the cross draped in purple. The white blossoms herald the coming of Spring and Easter with new life bursting from winter-dead twigs.


For thread, I selected purple and quilted a free-hand, over-all design. See more “Fruehlingzeit” quilts here and here.


Wishing you all a joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection and the new life He gives.





3 responses

1 04 2015
Marie Krause

Another beautiful quilt! Happy Easter to you as well!

1 04 2015
Patti Hyder

Blessed Easter to you and your family, Aby!

1 04 2015

I am a Lutheran pastor and a quilter. I have made several clergy stoles for myself and colleagues.

May you have a blessed Easter.

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