“Spring Migration” More Progress

16 04 2015

Several more participants of the “Spring Migration” Quilt A-Long have sent pictures of their projects. I know you’ll enjoy seeing them!

First up is Judy’s quilt top — all done because she worked on it at the recent Black Forest Quilters retreat. Way to go, Judy! The brown and tan fabric coupled with the teddy bear print, definitely make this a quilt suited for a baby boy.

spring migration, Judy

Suzie upcycled two shirts and a skirt to make her quilt. The plaid with dark green looks so classic! I can’t wait to see the pieced border Suzie will add next.

Spring migration, Suzie H.

Karlyn is making her quilt as a gift for her sister, a cancer survivor. She is going to appreciate the love Karlyn stitched into this quilt. Can you spot the modification Karlyn made to the “Spring Migration” pattern?

spring migration, Karlyn

Roxann’s perky, pink pansy quilt is looking awesome! Once she adds the borders, it is going to look right at home on her sofa, don’t you think?

spring migration, Roxann

If you are quilting along with us, remember to check the blog on Monday for the final sewing step. Until then, Happy Quilting!

Reminder:  All the instructions for the quilt are on the Patterns page of the blog.






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