I Love My Job!

IMG_3638This past week I quilted two quilts for my friend, Anissa, one for her daughter and one for her son. Anissa found the pattern on the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog, The Jolly Jabber. Click here to travel to the August 6, 2014 blog post which details how to make “Fat Quarter Fizz.”

Lots of rectangles and squares . . . irridescent colors . . . the spring time colored fabrics remind me of glittering dragonflies. I asked Anissa if her daughter might like an all over quilting design of dragonflies and flowers. Yes! Now take a look up close and view the transformation quilting makes to a design of simple rectangler shapes. I used a variegated thread of bright colors. I love the effect!



IMG_3642Anissa selected different colors for her son’s quilt. I like the way she arranged the fabrics in diagonal stairstep rows, alternating cool colors with warm colors. Brainstorming for quilting design ideas, we looked through my box of pantographs. We found several that might work for a young guy. Anissa settled on spiderwebs because her son is a fan of Spiderman. Again, from a distance, the quilt looks like rectangles and squares of vibrant color.



The close up view adds a surprising textural layer. It’s as if the colors and shapes now have something meaningful to say.


I love my job . . . adding that extra layer of stitched interest . . . giving lively zip to colored rectangles and squares . . . enticing the viewer to come closer and see what the quilt will communicate.


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