Reversible Table Topper

15 05 2015

A friend is getting married soon. Since the dishes she posted on her wedding registry are blue, I decided to make a table topper as a gift. The couple will begin their married life in Ohio, hence the Ohio Star.


From my stash, I selected a batik snowflake print. The tan star points on a white background are subtly sophisticated and allow the center blue print square to shine. The border again showcases the beautiful snowflake print.

If I give a winter-themed gift, then my friend will only use the table topper a couple of months per year. So I decided to make a reversible quilt. For the “back” of the quilt I used red, white, and blue fabrics to make a Saw Tooth star with a wonky border, thinking that this side of the quilt could be used during the warmer months.


It is difficult to center the top of the quilt perfectly on the back. One solution is sewing extra wide borders onto the backing as shown in the photo above. (It is not a good idea to create or cut the back the same size as the front because the backing fabrics will likely shift during the quilting process.)

Another tip for making a reversible quilt is to purposely design the back off-center or tilted so any asymmetry is considered part of the design. In the photo below you can see that I tilted the Ohio Star when layering it with batting and the Saw Tooth Star backing square.


Simple meander quilting with a light tan thread looks great on the Ohio Star side and on the Saw Tooth Star side of the quilt. If I had custom quilted the Ohio Star, the quilting designs would not have “made sense” on the Saw Tooth Star side of the quilt.


I used Kona navy to bind the quilt, feeling that navy would complement both color schemes. Sometimes I attach the binding totally by machine, but in this case I finished with hand stitching. Because of this, the 23″ square table topper is truly reversible.

Reversible quilt

Have you made a reversible quilt? Do you have some tips for “centering” the top on the backing?




6 responses

15 05 2015

Love it !!

15 05 2015
Jen Johnston

Very clever Aby! Love it!

15 05 2015
Joan Ross

Great idea! We are traveling a bit this summer and it would make a good house gift!

15 05 2015
Brenda E.

I have made a reversible wall hanging-simple outline quilting. It was a challenge to do but I did sew one straight line across horizontally and then vertically to line it up. When I do pieced backings with maybe a design element that I want to have fall in a certain spot I also hand baste the quilt first.

16 05 2015
Heather Raymond

Love this idea!

18 05 2015

LOVE the wonky star! Thanks for the tip for reversible quilts as well.

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