More on Reversible Quilts

19 05 2015

On Friday, May 15th, I showed a reversible table topper and asked if you all had any tips for centering the top patchwork on the backing patchwork.

Brenda commented with several great ideas:

I have made a reversible wall hanging–simple outline quilting. It was a challenge to do, but I did sew one straight line across horizontally and then vertically to line it up. When I do pieced backings with maybe a design element that I want to have fall in a certain spot, I also hand baste the quilt first.

And Helga emailed me pictures of the front and back of her double sided baby quilt along with comments:

Helga's double sided quilt 1   Helga's double sided quilt 2

Die Fotos zeigen unseren BFQ Crayon Challenge. Leider hatte ich zwei “süßliche” Farben – also das Richtige für einen Baby Quilt. Ich wollte aber nicht beide Farben auf einer Seite haben – also zwei Seiten! Von der 1. Farbe durften Schattierungen benutzt werden (türkis), von der 2. Farbe nur ein Stoff (fraise). Das Quilten war ein bisschen schwierig.

The photos show our Black Forest Quilters “Crayon Challenge.” Unfortunately I had two “sweet” colors and also the rule for a baby quilt. I didn’t want to put both colors on one side, so I made two sides. From the first color (turquoise), shades of the color were used. From the second color, only one fabric. The quilting was a little difficult.

Helga made the top and backing larger than her target size and then trimmed after centering and quilting. The tip for making a modern reversible quilt, then, is planning lots of negative space around the patchwork which can later be trimmed.

I also found several patterns for reversible quilts in the May 2015 Connecting Threads catalog. (No, this is not a paid ad). Click here to view the “May Table Runner Kit,” and then click on “view more images.” While you are on the Connecting Threads website, you can view the “Squared Strips” reversible lap quilt.

How about it, are you now empowered to try your hand at making a reversible quilt?




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